Secure Destruction

From document shredding and destruction to a secure digital data eraser, we have a destruction service that can help manage your data security needs.

Document Destruction

Archive Box Destruction

Media Destruction

Product Destruction

E-Waste Destruction

Safe, secure and streamlined destruction

The safe destruction of confidential corporate documents is a vital step to any information management process, and selecting the right company is paramount. At Grace, our dedication to the integrity of your information is second to none. Our stringent quality control processes include the provision of certificates of destruction to guarantee your papers and files have been securely destroyed and ensure your peace of mind.

Destruction services

Document Shredding

We understand the importance of security and confidentiality when it comes to information management, document storage and security destruction services. As the secure document shredding and destruction company, we’re synonymous with integrity and quality.

Secure Destruction Bins

With extensive experience in secure document shredding and transport, we provide bespoke destruction services. Our services are convenient, secure and eliminate the need for your staff to spend time destroying their own files.

Archive Box Destruction

As your documents and records reach the natural end of their lifespan, we’ll manage the removal, transport and destruction of your archive boxes and their contents in a secure and cost-effective manner, whether your project is a single box or a full pallet.

Media Destruction

With advances in data storage comes the need for advanced data-destruction methods. We pride ourselves on providing a complete media destruction service, using specialised shredders to break down your devices and ensure all data on them is eliminated.

Product Destruction

Paper and media aren’t the only things that can be shredded. Physical product destruction is fast becoming a requirement for companies large and small to protect their brands by ensuring excess or faulty products don’t make their way to market.

E-waste Destruction

At Grace, we know that your business, like ours, cares about the environment. That’s why we’ve made recycling e-waste a priority to prevent harmful toxins leaking out from landfill sites, polluting nearby waterways and soil, and harming wildlife.
Destruction Services

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Benefits of Grace secure destruction

Destruction Services
Fast delivery & disposal

Document destruction is completed within 24 hours of collection, utilising industry-leading machinery under CCTV surveillance.

Destruction Services

We recycle almost everything we destroy, from paper to archive boxes, and even e-waste with 98% efficiency.

Destruction Services
Highest level of security

We leave nothing to chance, from our facilities to our fleet. Your sensitive information and valuable products are safe with us.

Destruction Services
Fully certified & accredited

All of our facilities are government accredited. We can also provide fully certified evidence of destruction.

Destruction Services
National network

Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner. Our fleet of secure, GPS-tracked vehicles makes pick-up and destruction easy.

Destruction Services
Privacy is our priority

From paper to media, we protect your privacy by ensuring the information you entrust to us is irretrievably destroyed.

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